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Still Showing 'til 12/5

Yep, that's a scene from my play, where I incorporate a short video clip of Don Lemon's interview with Donald Trump where he (Trump) proclaims he is the least racist person that Don Lemon has ever met. Funny/Not Funny. If you haven't yet seen my show it is still available 'til Sunday night 12/5. Although the run of my play at the Re-Encuentro Theater Festival did end, some folks experienced technical glitches and were unable to watch it. So, making it available HERE 'til the end of this weekend.

A big SHOUT OUT to the Latino Theater Co. of the LA Theater Center, hosts of The Re-Encuentro Festival. They did an outstanding job, and the hard work of their staff, board, and Re-Encuentro's Selection Committee made the festival a great success. First and foremost, they made 16 theatrical performances available to the general public free of charge, So grateful I was invited to participate and that my show was streamed as part of the festival. The first time I ever had an online run.

What else did I love about The Re-Encuentro Festival? Pretty much everything. The promotional images they produced for each of the 16 shows were inspired and I also loved the beautifully colorful and inviting graphics that opened the videos. Kudos all around.

The festival also provided the participants' ample opportunity to network with other teatristas --theater-makers -- playwrights, performers, directors, and actors, and a chance to see each others' work. the Latino Theater Co. organized a series of panels on issues that are at the heart of many of the featured plays: immigration, colorism, grief and trauma, representation, music, queer voices. Those panel discussions are available on the Latino Theater Co YouTube channel. I hope you’ll take advantage and watch these presentations, which feature very knowledgeable folks, including some of the performers, speaking on these topics.

Beyond all that, each theater company (or solo performer) was invited to do a 45-minute interview where we were asked questions about ourselves and how we created the work. In my session I was joined by my director, Rebecca Fisher, where we spoke about our working relationship as well as Rebecca’s own work in social justice theater including her work with the Bay Area’s Formerly Incarcerated People’s Performance Project (FIPPP). She serves as one of the co-directors. Check out FIPPP’s website and learn more about their work bringing stories to the stage that provide us a greater understanding of how communities of color are impacted by incarceration and the criminal (in)justice system.

These online backstage activities were open not just to the participants in the festival, but to all theater companies or solo performers that applied to the festival, irrespective of whether their work was featured. I very much appreciated this spirit of openness and community which gave us a chance to interact with folks from around the country whose experiences within the Latino/x/e diaspora vary enormously.

MIL GRACIAS to the Latino Theater Co. for producing such an informative and inspiring event. Seeing all that great work, got me thinking hard about my next play, although I'm still quite passionate about updating and performing ofWhy Would I Mispronounce My Own Name? I look forward to bringing it to theaters around the country, maybe to one near you.

So . . . here’s your last chance if you haven’t yet seen it. You can watch it anytime between now and Sunday night, 12/5 (Midnight Pacific) by clicking HERE. A couple of screenshots to pique your interest.

Thanks for sharing your reactions to the play in social media posts and in emails sent to me. I very much appreciate hearing from you, and you can reach me at


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