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Binge-Watching Weekend?

Looking for a quick binge-watching adventure this weekend. Check out the Stairwell Teatro page on my website, where you can binge-watch my entire series in one sitting, five episodes. Click here.

Since each episode is between three to five minutes, you'll be done in under a half-hour. AND . . . if you want to read the accompanying blogs (I post a blog along with each episode), that will add another 25 minutes. So guilt-free bingeing experience in less than one hour. Money-back guarantee that you will enjoy it.

For those of you who have already seen some or all the episodes, gracias. I appreciate hearing your reactions to this new story-telling venture. I love ALL y’all's emails and look forward to your name stories.

Coming soon, I'm working on these stories: Hurricane Irma, Name Discrimination in employment, Barbra Streisand’s request to Tim Cook that Siri pronounce her last name correctly, Nick Names, and many many more topics.

Have some ideas for future Teatro Episode? I wanna hear about that, so write to me at or via my website.

Wishing all a good weekend.

Here's the first episode.

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