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Opening Night!

Tonight is the night! My one woman play "Tell Me Your Name" is debuting at the Ross Valley Players. Thanks to YOU, it's sold out! Abrazos to everyone able to attend this evening, or next weekend.

To all of you who have been hearing my stories and sharing your own, muchas gracias. Many of you have attended performances at the Marsh, Octupus Literary Society, Berkeley Art House where I’ve performed bits and pieces, some of which have made it to this show.

Listening to your feedback has made me, I hope, a better storyteller; and I have learned so much studying with Director, David Ford, who is indeed a gem.

There are a limited number of tickets still available for March 18th and 19th but they're going quickly.

Allow plenty of time to get to the theatre tonight, it’s wet and rainy out there. Thanks again for your strong support.

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