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Stairwell Teatro 2023 Ep. 03 Oops, My Mistake

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Although I say my name using the Spanish, French, and Italian pronunciations, it's not the only way to say, Irma. For those who don't know any Romance languages, it sounds kinda- like Ear-ma (well close enough), rather than URma. And, it's pronounced like that in Nordic languages, too. When I first visited Denmark, I learned that the largest grocery store chain in Denmark is named Irma . . . and guess what? It's pronounced like my name. And to celebrate that, I've treated myself to all sorts of Irma store swag: a wine tote, candy and mints, and Irma mustard. If you're ever in Copenhagen, check out the Irma store. It's pretty nice, and I love that friends send me pictures of themselves in front of the store.

And how do they say Irma in Russia, you wonder? One day, a blond, blue-eyed gent called out my name perfectly when his Uber pulled over to pick me up in San Francisco. In our conversation, I learned from Aleksandr (originally from St. Petersburg) that Irma is pronounced like Irina (a common Russian name), and he was baffled that anyone would have difficulty saying it the way I do.

But I digress. In Episode 3 of my Stairwell Teatro, I share a story about someone using the URma pronunciation and why it amused me. It happens, and it is best not to get worked up about it in these situations.

Next week, I'm heading to Nashville, where I'm the guest speaker at TN Justice for Our Neighbors (TNJFON) Oye Vecino Live event at the historic Nashville Library on Thursday, 9/21, at 5 pm. Tickets are still available and start at $50. Your donation supports a great cause. Click here to register. I'll perform some excerpts from my play and then participate in a discussion with Aineth Murgia and Alvaro Manrique Barrenchea, TNJFON's legal team members. I'd be so thrilled to see my Nashville friends there.

From Nashville, I fly to San Antonio, where my show will be presented at St. Mary's University at the beautiful Guadalupe Chapel at Treadaway Hall. While in San Antonio, I'll be meeting with students and members of the St. Mary's community, and I'll be at Texas A&M San Antonio taping a Latin@ Stories podcast. I am also looking forward to seeing my many Tejano relatives and friends.

The St. Mary's show is open to anyone and is a free community service -- no charge, GRATIS. I love the materials prepared by St. Mary's for my show. Chulo, verdad?

If you enjoy my newsletter and the cuentitos in my Stairwell Teatro, please share with your friends and colleagues.

Mil gracias.

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