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Princeton 4/6/24

I'm inviting all my NYC-area/NJ friends to the Princeton Campus to see my one-woman show on Saturday, April 6. It's a MATINEE, so hop in your car, bus, or on the train, and you'll be back in time for dinner. Use the QR Code to RSVP. There is no charge, but registration is required.

Please share with your NJ/NYC networks.

I'm tooting my own horn by sharing comments/reviews about my play. Money-back guarantee that you'll be thinking about what you've seen weeks after the lights go dark.

“At a time in which the very definition of a real American is hotly contested, Irma Herrera brings intelligence, humor, and grace to the race debate. Many people will see bits of their own experience in her struggle not just to belong but to thrive in a society that is so often ambivalent about including her. A must-see for anyone who wonders what it will take for us to all get along.”

~ Rinku Sen, Former Editor, Colorlines

“As I sat in the audience, I couldn't help but feel that Irma had looked into my life -- a brown child traipsing through the finest universities and forging a professional life. In one hour, she conveys the joys and pains of living a bicultural/bilingual life, particularly in today's political climate. Gracias, Irma Herrera for telling our stories.”

         ~Ernestina (Facebook Post)

“At a time when civil rights and many communities are under siege, Irma Herrera provides sharp insights into the history and politics that drive these attacks.  She sees the humor and irony in the battles to save lives, democracy, and to promote justice. You don't want to miss her show!”

         ~Bill Tamayo, Civil Rights Attorney, San Francisco

Hoping to bring my play to a city near you.

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