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Online ‘til 11/29, Some Reviews

I have been so gratified by the response to my videotaped one-woman show, which was selected as part of Re-Encuentro, the Latina/o/x Theater Festival. Although the festival formally ended on 11/21, all plays selected for the festival got a 10-day run and mine is still streaming through Monday, 11/29 (Midnight Pacific Time). After that, poof, it will disappear from the internet. So here's your chance to see it in the comfort of your home.

Although the name of the play remains the same, Why Would I Mispronounce My Own Name?, it is updated on a regular basis to comment on contemporary societal issues as they relate to prejudice, racism, and respect for others. I do not know yet how many views my play has gotten, but it has been watched throughout the United States, and in other countries too. To date, I’ve heard from people in Great Britain, Italy, France, Argentina, and S. Africa. Lucky to know people all over the world and my friends and colleagues have shared information WIDELY with their communities on social media and in private emails. Thank you for sharing these reactions with me. I am very touched by the wide viewership and your kind words for the work.

Here are a few comments I’ve received either on email or posted on social media.

“James and I just watched your performance. It was masterful!! Your own rich memoir, plus history lessons, plus stand-up comedy - it was completely engaging and highly informative - all while providing important insights into systemic racism. Thank you, Irma! It was powerful!” ~Teresa

“Irma. Me hizo reír. Me hizo llorar. Sentí tristeza. Sentí coraje. Tus palabras me trajeron tantos recuerdos de mi niñez y de la vida de mi familia. Me encantó. Lo qué haces es tan importante como el trabajo que hacías en corte. Me siento tan orgullosa de ti. Impresionante.” ~Marta

"I just finished watching the film and was blown away by it. It has all the great features of your live shows -- and so much more!! I found all of the material – old and new -- so thoughtful and thought-provoking. I admire your willingness (and dedication) to use your genius to help broaden the horizons of others." ~Julie

“The time has arrived for every Anglo to see the beauty and the tribulations of a Latina growing up in South Texas. Irma is a consummate performer assuming many roles alternating between the Alice, TX drawl and the Spanish accents. She's entertaining and engaging. The show is both hilarious and moving. I plan to watch it again.” ~Neil

“Ayer vi a tu amiga Irma, me encantó! Si estás en contacto con ella, mandale felicitaciones, por el show y por su actitud.” ~Judith

“This is a streaming version of a one-woman play by law school classmate and former colleague. Her play has had a long run in San Francisco with rave reviews and does a great job of exploring prejudice and injustice from her personal experiences.” ~ Ted

And finally thanks to Jackie for her post on FB:

“There's still time to watch Irma Herrera's solo performance now streaming through November 29th! It's a powerful piece and worth taking an hour to watch. For those of you gathering with friends and family this week, watching this is a great activity to do together. It may spark interesting discussions and sharing of stories. Congratulations Irma on a great show!”

My transition from lawyer to teatrista has been a wonderful and rewarding experience, and I have so many more stories to tell, so stay tuned.

So grateful to the Los Angeles Latino Theater Co for hosting Re-Encuentro, such an educational and exhilirating experience. A wonderful opportunity to meet other playwrights and performers and to see all 16 plays, written, produced, and performed by us, however we might identify: Latinx, Latine, Hispanic, Latino, Chicana, our identities are richly complex and multi-layered as is our work.

Check out the available offerings, many plays from the festival are still streaming for a few more days. Click here to see the play descriptions and whether they are still available.

A special shout out to the Re-Encuentro team for producing such beautiful graphics and presenting a seamless and successful 10-day festival. Muchisimas gracias.

You can watch Why Would I Mispronounce My Own Name?, by clicking here, and it will take you to the Re-Encuentro's, Registration Page. After you register (name and email) you can stream the show.

Much gratitude to all.

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