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Spring: A Time For Reflection

Many communities of faith have days of celebration, reflection, atonement, and forgiveness in the Spring. Christians observe Easter and Jews gather for Passover. There are also important dates for followers of Jainism, Islam, Hinduism, and Native Americans, to name but a few. A very interesting list of these important days is available here.

As a Catholic kid who went to parochial school, I dreaded Lent. After mass on Ash Wednesday the sisters would ask each of us “what are you giving up for Lent?” Talk about pressure. Some kids gave up movies, others candy, or watching tv. Each year I gave up Coca-Cola, a drink that I detested and never drank, but the nuns didn’t know that. I wasn’t exactly the model parochial school student.

Easter was a joyous occasion, my mother would make me and my sisters pastel colored dresses we would wear to Easter Mass. And after Mass there was a picnic with family and friends where we kids searched for the Easter eggs the grownups had hidden. We had so much fun at that picnic, chasing each other with our arsenal of cascarones, which are colorful eggshells filled with confetti, and painted with the same dye we colored Easter eggs.

Throughout Lent we kids begged our mothers to make eggs (anytime possible) requiring that they carefully remove the contents thought a 50-cent piece sized hole on top of the egg, leaving the shell intact. The shell was washed and put back in the egg carton. On Saturday before Easter we painted the eggshells along with the Easter eggs. We then filled them with confetti and covered the hole with tissue paper and put our beautiful cascarones back in the egg cartons, just as you see in the picture. Geez, while searching for images of cascarones, I learned that you can buy them on Amazon. Will wonders never cease.

Easter always brought fond memories, but an exchange with a friend around her Annual Easter Brunch and Egg Hunt 25 years ago, was so unpleasant that the memory still stings. I recently recounted the experience by telling this Easter Story, Have You Ever Wanted to Un-read or Un-know Something? on stage at San Francisco’s Solo Sunday. It’s a 20 minute video, have a look.

Easter is a time of celebration and renewal and as we celebrate all that is good and hopeful in our lives, let us remember those whose life circumstances are bleak especially the migrant families in detention or separated from their children. Give generously to causes that assist individuals and communities in need.

Wishing all a wonderful weekend ahead, whatever you may celebrate or observe.

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