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LIVE on 5/19

Super excited to announce that I’m doing my first live solo show since March 2020 at San Francisco’s Stage Werx. This venue has been so welcoming to the solo community and many of us perform short pieces as we develop full-length shows. It’s also a great place to learn and see improv and comedy. Inviting SF Bay Area peeps to come on out and see an updated version of my one-woman show.

Joining me that evening is Fred Pitts performing Aren’t You? I’ve seen some of Fred’s work online and am so eager to watch him perform. He is an enormously talented actor and storyteller. Check out a snippet of Fred’s show here.

We promise you an evening of great entertainment, and a brief respite from the heartbreaking news and repression all over the world -- in our own backyards where vulnerable communities are being targeted on so many fronts, at the US-Mexico border, in Ethiopia, Ukraine . . . and I'll stop there.

One ray of sunshine is that we'll soon see the first Black woman US Supreme Court Justice when Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson reports to duty on October 2nd, the first Monday of October when the new term begins. I recommend reading this moving essay by Diana Butler Bass, whose work was brought to my attention by a friend because this essay about Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson explores the power of our names and the ways in which people with power often refuse to grant us the respect each and every individual is due. I hope you’ll take the time to read it. It's truly a remarkable piece of writing. I loved this article so much that I began subscribing to the author’s newsletter. Diana Butler Bass frequently comments in major media outlets on politics, religion, and culture. Here’s how the author is described on her website:

“Diana’s passion is sharing great ideas to change lives and the world—a passion that ranges from informing the public about spiritual trends, challenging conventional narratives about religious practice, entering the fray of social media with spiritual wisdom and smart theology, and writing books to help readers see themselves, their place in history, and God differently. She does this with intelligence, joy, and a good dose of humor…”

I’ve certainly benefitted from reading her work these past weeks.

As we begin to venture out more: eating at restaurants, attending plays and movies, traveling, congregating where there are a lot of people, I urge you to take whatever precautions are still prudent. While we may be done with the COVID, the virus is not done with us. Large numbers of people are still contracting COVID and getting sick. And although hospitalizations and death rates have gone down significantly, that is of little comfort when it is your loved one that is felled by the virus. Please take care, and be thoughtful and kind, all around us many people are living with great hardships and suffering.

Hope to see my Bay Area peeps next month for my first live performance. Please note that the theater requires proof of vaccination and masking (of audience members) during the performance. Here's the 411:

Thursday, May 19, 2022 @ 7 pm

Stage Werx 446 Valencia St. (between 15th & 16th Streets)

San Francisco (two blocks from 16th St. BART)

Tickets on Eventbrite. Click here:

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