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Stairwell Teatro 2023 Ep. 07 At Any Age

It took a long time for COVID to get to me, and finally, it did. Like so many people, I got sick two days after my return flights from San Antonio. I did wear a mask at the airport and on the two flights, but hardly anyone is masked anymore. And who was I kidding? I did pull down my mask to drink a beverage.

I had a 103.5 degree fever, and congestion. Felt lousy for three days. I started Paxlovid right away, and once the fever was gone, I felt much better. Finally tested negative on Day 7, and other than feeling a bit less energetic, I’m AOK.

Please keep sending me your name stories; love reading them -- some make me mad, and others are so uplifting -- like the one in today’s Stairwell Teatro.

The world is such a tough place; it is hard to watch the news, and I mostly keep up with world events through radio and print. Seeing images on TV and video is just too disturbing. So much destruction, pain, and suffering. Feeling the sadness and hoping all of us can hold on to our humanity.

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