It’s a Wrap!

March is my birthday month, and I recently came upon this photo of last year's b'day cake with a line from my show -- you can remember my name isn’t UR-ma by thinking of “Ear-muff.” My one-woman show, Why Would I Mispronounce My Own Name? completed a successful 5-month run and closed last weekend at The Berkeley Marsh Theater. Thank you to all who attended. I was so pleased with the full houses both Saturday evening and on Sunday’s final matinee. An absolute thrill to receive standing ovations from both these audiences that were undoubtedly feeling extra generous given that it was my closing weekend. If only, every performance could be on a closing weekend! When my show opened in San Francis

Women Leading the Way

March 8 -- it's International Women's Day, and women are leading and have been leading the way in so many arenas, too often without recognition. So pleased that my talkback guests this weekend are two women leaders. Saturday, March 9 (5 pm showtime) Navigating Disability: Trump Era’s Clarion Call for Advocates and Activists to Come Out of the (Inaccessible) Closet with Ingrid Tischer The Disability Rights Movement is an important part of this nation’s civil rights history. And Berkeley has always been a hot-bed of activism. Ingrid Tischer is a disability rights activist, writer, and blogger at Tales from The Crip, (yes, that’s what she title

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